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Jailbreak iOs Using Evasi0n 7.04: The New Version Is Finally Launched


evasi0n-jailbreak-iOS-7Good news for the iOs 6, iPhone, and iPod users, the jailbreaking method has come. After waiting so long to get the jailbreak of iOs 6, now you can have their device free from restriction in installing applications from third party. Well I’m not saying that the jailbreak for iOs 6 has been released, I’m saying that you can jailbreak it using Evasi0n jailbreak version for iOs 7. Yes, by upgrading iOs 6 to 7, you can now have your iPhone jailbroken.

The version of Evasi0n jailbreak that will be able to jailbreak iOs 7 is called Evasion 7.04 which is downloadable on the download page of the official Evasi0n site. It’s so easy to do the jailbreaking using this Evasi0n version. All you need to is to follow the instruction and everything will be done.

What You Need to Do before or When You Jailbreak Your iOs Using Evasi0n 7.04

Well, when you want to jailbreak your iPhone with iOS 7 on your computer, remember that it cannot be done anytime you want. You need to prepare some things, just in case the jailbreak won’t work. Well, actually up to this day, there is no complaint about the failure in jailbreaking iPhone using Evasi0n 7.04, but if you accidentally missed one step and it caused the loss of the data or the dysfunction of some applications in the device, you can handle it without getting panic attack. Here are some suggestions you must obey before you jailbreak your iOs 7 device using Evasi0n 7.04.

  1. Backup the data on the iPhone using iTunes. You can also use iCloud to protect data. If something won’t go your way, you can always have the data before you jailbreak the device.
  2. Disable the lock code on the device because it will block the jailbreak application from running.
  3. While the jailbreak process is running, don’t launch any task from the iOs or iTunes. It will not only make the duration of the process gets longer, but it also makes the applications crash each other.
  4. If the jailbreaking process stops in the middle of somewhere, restart and reboot the phone by pressing Home and Power button until the device is totally off. Then you can restart the process.

Find the complete tutorial, here.


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